Thursday, April 4, 2019

Samsung Gear 360 (2017) - Best Review

This is a Samsung gear 360 editions 2017. It's right in this plastic bag to let's open it and check what is inside. So left side of the box right side it says that it just records 4k videos in 360 degrees. Do you need Samsung Gear Notification, You can install Samsung Push Service.

Samsung Gear 360 2017

There are two cameras on both sides, or both cameras are recording media. Then the software inside stitching the videos together it supports Wi-Fi. It's also something recommends using high-speed as the cards microSD cards. This is also what I recommend because you have to be careful. When you're choosing an SD card for this camera, it should support 4k recording be careful. What is Samsung Push Service?

There are cards which support up to full HD recording and 4k recording or video recording. If you're taking pictures only, I think Full HD supported cards will work pretty well. Let's open it up, and by doing so, we're trying not to cut our fingers.

Samsung Gear 360 Price

This is what we got here inside, the camera itself did get some strange barcode on it. I'll come out this is a camera this is the front side this is the back side the menu button here, as well as Bluetooth button and also power on and off. Best Adguard apk This is a recording button here, and there is a small display beneath it's got USB type-c port. To charge the camera and this camera has an integrated battery inside. This slot here is for the SD card.

Samsung Gear 360 Specs

Let's try to open, it's a bit little bit tricky, but this is where you put SD card yeah here a hook for a strap, and there are some holes here. I'm guessing some of them are for audio recording some of them is I don't know, what for let the camera, and it's cut his connectors there. Where you can screw your tripod or any like something like. What you also got for standard cameras, you know where you can stabilize them. Put them on some stand this is even there. Samsung Push Service app is notification 

Samsung Gear 360 Software

This is the camera there's also some Quick Start Guide several of them. I also type-c USB cord. What we got here is snow back, where you can put your camera in it's a kind of protective bag so be careful with the camera itself. Because it got this on both sides, it got these unprotected lenses. If you scratch, then you will scratch them. I mean you'll damage them, and this is not really what we want to do that's. Why they also attach this bag which is very kind of handy you can put it inside this way and close it this way. Samsung Push Service gear notification is enable.

Samsung Gear 360 app

That it's protected on all times whenever you transport the camera very lovely this is the strangest thing. I've heard many comments about it like for example that it would look like a sex toy I don't know but it's supposed to be here attached to the camera I mean it's still optional if you want to do this.

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You can what you this is like to stabilize the camera. Because you see this around the corners it's the stand of the camera is very thin and the head is pretty massive. So it's tending whenever you it stays there without any screws attached to it just like this on a flat surface and if you touch the camera unintentionally. It can drop, and it can fall on the lenses.

That's why I say they created. This one where you can put it inside, and it makes the whole thing a little bit more stable. I'm not very sure about it. But this is how it's supposed to work you know still it's up to you if you use this guy or maybe is a tripod or small like.

This gorilla tripod I think they call it has very flexible feeds, and you can stabilize in this way this little guy, and you are supposed to attach the strap here. Jesus does this hook, but I think I will not be using this kind of solution. So, Fildo apk let's I think I have anything else like a box. Everything that we got a solar day here, it feels very nice it's a little bit heavy. I mean you can feel the weight. It's not a very, and I think the back is adorable. As well I didn't know you will be using it pretty frequently too for transporting and in the next blog, I will make a review of the camera.